Huronia Radio Control Club

About Us

The Huronia R/C club Inc is a group of about 45-50 members that maintains a runway and facilities for the safe flying of remote control model aircraft. If you are interested in radio controlled aircraft and are not sure where to start, you are welcome to come out to the field and have a look. The best time to find someone at the field is late Saturday or Sunday morning. There are many active members flying each weekend willing to take the time to answer all your questions. Our runway is short cut grass 145 meters long oriented east to west. We have starting benches, safety fencing, an outhouse and a shelter area with picnic tables and chairs. The advantages of flying at a club versus a private field such as a farm is the club’s facilities, flight instruction, camaraderie and knowledge of our experienced members. Flying in a city park also presents the problems of bystander safety and city bylaws that prohibit flying RC. We have a free training program. Volunteer instructors will connect a buddy box to your transmitter so that they can take control of your airplane when you loose control and prevent a crash. New members are not allowed to fly without an instructor until they pass a simple flight test to show that they can safely control their plane. This is done to help prevent you from quitting in frustration after repeatedly crashing your plane and as well as preserving the safety of the club and its members. Directions to field From the center of Stroud take the 10th line (Victoria St) east from Hwy 11 (Yonge St) for 2.3 km. Turn south into farmer's laneway just east of house with green address marker 1685. Directly across the road from house number 1672. This is west of 20th side road. Drive south on farmer's laneway for approximately 500 metres. Continue 50 metres past a small barn.

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